It is an Australian plant with more than 700 different species. Eucalyptus trees can reach a height of 25 meters, also an evergreen plant. With its diverse species, this plant serves the medical field in many ways. It is a component in the treatment of flus and purifies the air from bacteria and viruses by healing the vapor of boiled leaves. The most important species are Silver Dollar and Gunni. We have been planting it in our fields since 1991, and we’ve been pairing it with other flowers in our arrangements

Benefits of Eucalyptus leaves:

  • They relieve cold symptoms by clearing the chest and prevent coughing.
  • They treat dry skin and disinfect wounds.
  • They reduce pain.
  • They promote relaxation.
  • They help in keeping your teeth healthy.
  • They act as a natural insect repellent and keep the bugs away.
  • They are used in hair care and shampoo.

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