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Frequently Asked Questions

Online: once you select any chosen item, click on add to cart then choose the payment method by selecting  credit card or cash on delivery.

By phone: call us on +961 70 50 15 50 or +961 1 50 15 50 from 8:30 am till 7:00 pm and we will be ready to support and place your order.

By chatting via Whatsapp: on +961 70 50 15 50 or +961 70 13 18 13 from 8:30 am till 7:30 pm and we will be glad to place your order.

Credit cards information are processed securely by the latest payment systems used in trusted banks.

Yes. All orders can be delivered in the same day if ordered early. The delivery time depends on the address to which we are delivering and whether the recipient is at the exact location and at the expected time. It is preferable to place your orders the earliest possible.

A telephone or mobile number of the recipient is enough for us to get the full address and deliver. In most cases, we need a full address: in Lebanon, most of the streets and buildings do not have numbers and names. We ask the recipient’s phone number to deliver the orders on the exact time and to the correct address.

The delivery process can be a surprise to the recipient. All we need is the correct address of the recipient with their phone number to avoid any mishap and to make sure the delivery was successful.

As mentioned above, we will contact the recipient, and if not available we will contact the sender back to arrange for another delivery time. We will make sure the recipient will receive another fresh bouquet instead of the first one.

Yes. You can make changes by calling the support team, sending a text message to one of our numbers, or by sending an e-mail asking for the required modification, 12 hours prior to the delivery time. It is important to be contacted hours before the delivery date for us to apply the modifications. 

Flowers are seasonal products, and some vary, therefore, they are not be always available. However, we will try to achieve a bouquet as close to the one shown. All efforts will be made to match the colors and shapes selected, at the same chosen value.

Please keep always in your mind that dealing with flowers is an art and each design is  handmade, but we always ensure that we are using an article of equal value and style to the chosen one. We usually have a big stock of accessories used in pictures in our warehouse.

Terra Flora keeps customer information completely confidential. Our company does not share customers’ personal information for third party use or sell it to advertising agencies.

All orders at Terra Flora are delivered via well trained stuff, with cooling cars and trucks. If any product is damaged upon arrival, please inform us directly in short notice so we can investigate the case and make sure to compensate it, if the damage is done from our part.

Our delivery charges can vary from area and province to another. Do check the list of all delivery charges according to the areas, in alphabetical order: