These Are Our

Wedding & Events



Weddings symbolize love, union and happiness. We are honored to arrange for the brides and grooms their requested flower arrangements on their special day. The happiness of our clients is ours. Thus, it is our duty to provide them with the most detailed wedding decoration. Our skilled team works hard to achieve a perfect wedding and appease everyone with our latest designs and fresh flowers.

We transport our flowers in refrigerated trucks from our warehouse to weddings’ locations. It is important for us to preserve the quality of the flowers and their freshness.

We always look for improvement in our work and stay updated on the latest designs and techniques used worldwide by renewed florists. Each year, our team attends international wedding fairs and saloons that motivate us to create new arrangements fit with our flowers.

Planning beforehand always comes first before the big day. We request meetings with the couples and wedding experts to suggest ideas regarding the decoration and style. We usually show previous wedding decorations and styles that are close to what the clients are requesting. Once the main style and colors are set, we display some samples and modify them according to their satisfaction. Finally, we show them the final sample to avoid mishaps during the wedding



As one team, we enjoy preparing and organizing all types of events. Each event is given the required attention and detailed organization to achieve it. Our team is prepared to cater birthdays, parties, weddings, TV commercials and series….

We advise the best to all kinds of events: small, big, simple, or luxurious ones, we provide the perfect setting for the required occasion with a fit budget. At TerraFlora, every detail is taken into consideration for a successful outcome.